Upside Hosts: Small Business Lunch & Learn - Your Q4 Planning, Strategy + Goal Setting


Join us for Lunch & Learn at Studio Upside on 7/30 from 11-1!  Our topic for this session is centered around setting goals and focal points for everything to end our 2024 year strong!

If you're like me then you've likely found yourself halfway through the year and still trying to make sense of last holiday season (or your last rush, depending on when it is).  It's incredibly hard to set clear goals, strategize around them let alone plan for them! This session is going to tackle just that!

-Do you feel behind on what you plan to do to end 2024 strong for your business or brand?

-Are you not sure what ending the year strong even entails?

-If you had to come up with a goal today ($$$) for what you'd need to hit to end up in the black, would you be able to come up with a feasible number?

-If you aren't focused on the $ goal, what is a business goal you are hoping to break down and strategize that you have still yet to do this year?

In this session we will be deep diving into finding out what YOU need to get your EOY goals straight and on the right track before 2024 is over before we know it!

In this 2 hour session we're going to cover:

-A calendar mapping of what we need to bring to the table for ourselves and our business for the remainder of 2024

-A clear understanding of what expectation vs. reality demands for our time/effort 

-A 30,000 foot view of what numbers (or other goals if this doesn't apply I.e. # of new clients, # of markets to attend, etc) we need to focus on in order to make our expectations a reality and set ourselves up for 2025


Check your imposter syndrome at the door and let's pack a lunch, meet some new friends and learn some tips & tricks to email marketing!

Upside is located at 3700 Osuna Rd. NE, Suite 611. This event will be on 7/30 from 11-1pm.  Please note that if we don't have at least 8 in attendance we may reschedule for a different date (you will be refunded if that is the case).