Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started UGC after the world was introduced to COVID-19.  I wish there was a more glamorous story behind it, but this is it. After many months of experiencing heightened anxiety and bouts of depression, I knew I needed to focus my energy somewhere and on something. I've always been the woman who shops the aisles of Home Goods and Target for candles. It's like being a kid in the toy aisle, except for me it's candles.  Finding a scent, vessel, sale or all of the above was a good day.  

I decided that after living groundhogs day(s), from my other businesses being shut down and doing all of the puzzles in my house that I would make a candle.  From there it escalated quickly. I became obsessed with learning what goes into a candle, how to make them burn better, longer, stronger and cleaner. I started to pay attention to the candles that I was buying and what ingredients are in them.  Turns out making candles is pretty tough and quite expensive, but I enjoy it. If there is such a thing as a candle sommelier, I'm it. But until a better name comes along, I'm a chandler!

Upside is a collaboration between the great pivot needed for me in 2020 and an overall sense of creating our space to be cozy all while focusing on a cause, giving back. It's at the center of all that I do and UGC is no different. Light a candle in the darkness while we shine that light on Mental Health Awareness + Wellness initiatives.

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Ingredients That Matter

Each Upside Goods Co. candle is made with cleaner ingredients and you in mind.

When I started looking at all that goes into making candles I became educated in all of the different types of waxes, fragrances and even wicks and how they all play their part in what makes a cleaner candle. If we spend so much on organic and healthy foods, why should the candles we burn in our most sacred spaces be any different?

Every Upside candle is made with:

+ A unique blend of coconut and soy wax that is both paraben and phthalate free. This blend is also gluten free and cruelty free. It contains a small amount of FDA food grade paraffin to help its stability 
+ Crackling wooden wicks that are sustainably made through FSC Certified Mills
+ Synthetic Fragrance oils that are made specifically for candle burning purposes in a lab. This process allows all of our oils to be phthalate free and used at higher temperatures without the risk of toxins that are oftentimes prevalent in the use of some essential oils when used in candles. 



When creating Upside Goods Co. I was very mindful of the footprint this business would be leaving behind on our precious Mother Earth.

As someone who takes the approach of, "If I'm going to fill something to the top, it better be the recycle bin" I do the best I can to reduce, reuse and recycle all that goes on behind the scenes and in the shipping and packaging process at Upside.

A few things I make sure of everyday at Upside:

+ All shipping boxes are able to be recycled once they make their final destination
+ Packing peanuts in shipped packages are biodegradable if they are not being reused + can dissolve in water if no longer needed
+ I have skipped the fancy candle packages and decides to wrap all candles in materials that you can either repurpose when sending goods to your sweet Aunt Linda or simply add to your recycle pile or bin
+ All cards and marketing pieces are available to recycle
+ Upside vessels are chosen with a life after the candle in mind. From the quality glass to reusable tins, they are easy to clean and repurpose when you're done enjoying your candle and some can even take us up on some signature refills.