Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started UGC after the world was introduced to COVID-19.  I wish there was a more glamorous story behind it, but this is it. After many months of experiencing heightened anxiety and bouts of depression, I knew I needed to focus my energy somewhere and on something. I've always been the woman who shops the aisles of Home Goods and Target for candles. It's like being a kid in the toy aisle, except for me it's candles.  Finding a scent, vessel, sale or all of the above was a good day.  

I decided that after living groundhogs day(s), from my other businesses being shut down and doing all of the puzzles in my house that I would make a candle.  From there it escalated quickly. I became obsessed with learning what goes into a candle, how to make them burn better, longer, stronger and cleaner. I started to pay attention to the candles that I was buying and what ingredients are in them.  Turns out making candles is pretty tough and quite expensive, but I enjoy it. If there is such a thing as a candle sommelier, I'm it. But until a better name comes along, I'm a chandler!

Upside is a collaboration between the great pivot needed for me in 2020 and an overall sense of creating our space to be cozy all while focusing on a cause, giving back. It's at the center of all that I do and UGC is no different. Light a candle in the darkness while we shine that light on Mental Health Awareness + Wellness initiatives.

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