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Upside Goods Co. Wholesale Candles Available


Each candle is hand poured from a small batch of coconut soy wax + fragrance oil. Only ten candles of each scent are made at a time to ensure quality. We chose modern, simple vessels that can be reused whether it be through a candle refill (more to come on this soon) or as a repurposed vessel to decorate and add to your home or cozy space.

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Upside Goods Co. Private Label Candles available

quality matters.

Quality matters. Our coconut soy wax is free of, toxins, gluten, paraben and phthalates to name a few.

It's a plant-based, vegan blend of natural coconut and soy and provides a longer burn for you to enjoy.

Upside Goods Candle Company Coffee Bean + Cacao


The goal of Upside Goods Co. is to shine a light on what's good, to share things that make us feel good even on the hardest days and bring a sense of place and peace to life. A portion of each purchase at Upside Goods Co. will go towards Mental Health Awareness + Wellness organizations.

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Our Commitment

Upside Goods Co., is committed to bringing quality, clean products to your home with the sole purpose of bringing a sense of peace and place to you and yours. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, please reach out so we can make sure you have nothing but goods things to say about Upside!

Our Commitment

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