At Upside we are all about reduce, reuse + UPCYCLE.  

Rather than creating another product that ends up in a landfill, I carefully selected the candle vessels so they could easily have another life in your home or office after the candle is done. And of course, you can always get them refilled!

Here's three easy steps to repurpose your vessel when your candle is done!

1. Put your candle in the freezer overnight

2. Remove any excess wax and the wick clip gently using a butter knife

3. Use alcohol or windex to clean out the inside of the vessel

It's literally that easy. Somebody hit the button, I'll wait!

Oh and if you want to get rid of the label, we won't be upset. Blast that baby with a little heat gun action or use a blow dryer and you can even use the wipe with alcohol from step #3 to remove the adhesive once it's nice and toasty!

Need some Pinterest board Inspo on what do with the vessel? I have a blog for that!



Ashley Fathergill

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