Our 2021 Upside Goods Co. Holiday Gift Guides are HERE! We understand that Christmas shopping can be hard and new ideas don't always flow, so we're created our gift guides this year to help make your Holiday shopping that much easier! 
Below you will find our various gift guides for (hopefully) everyone on your list. Of course, we are ALWAYS here to help you - so if you have any questions or have a person in mind but aren't quite sure what scent they'd love, contact us and we will help! 


Don't let those stockings go emptY this year! Our travel candles + room sprays are PERFECT for anyones stocking. Did you know that if you buy 5 travel candles, you can receive the 6th one free? Well now ya do! Add to cart and you're set!


Do you have friends + family that are still working from home? 2 of our most popular scents that Upsider's LOVE to burn in their offices are Land of Enchantmint and Palo Santo + Sage!


We all have that one friend or family member who literally has SO many candles already, right?! Instead of another candle, gif them one of our WICK TRIMMERS! Wick trimmers are the key to a perfect-burning, long-lasting candle! We even have 2 colors to choose from! 


This one if the caffeine/coffee lover who KNOWS that they have to cut back in the new year. Our Coffee Bean + Cacao scent candle is EXACTLY what they need in their life! Amazing smell, without the caffeine! 


This is is for all the men (or ladies who don't need a man in their life) on your list! Our Mahogany Teakwood scent candle has just the masculine touch you never knew existed! It's perfection in a candle and an Upside fan fav! 


It's all about the little details, right?! Our Match Jars are the perfect finishing touch to any gift that includes a candle! We even have 5 different match colors to choose from!


Last but not least, that one person on your list who is SO tough to shop for! We have a feeling they will LOVE one of our Signature Vessels or Everyday Tins in one of our Signature Scents! You can't go wrong with the classics!
Cassidy Corrigan

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