There are so many Candles on the market nowadays! From small businesses (like Upside Goods Co.) to larger brands that mass produce there candles, there are cleaner burning options available for you.  After all, you are burning this in your home!Upside Goods Co. | Blog - Cleaner candles

Here are 3 things to look for with cleaner options in burning candles!

1. Wicks

Believe it or not but some candles still have metal core wicks or metal woven into the wick, meaning that they may contain lead or other metals. It's important to find cotton wick or wood wick candles.  Even if the wick material is cleaner, pay attention to how your candle burns.  If the vessel gets so hot that you can't even touch it, the wick might be wrong for the candle size and could release soot.  Again, we are burning these in our home and paying attention to items we spend our money on is important to get what we came for!

2. Wax

I never paid attention to waxes before as a candle lover but that all changed when I started making them... for obvious reasons.  The more I learned, the more shocked I became that we are forking over dollars for items like paraffin or petroleum-derived waxes.  Not only are these not "ideal" for the environment and renewable resources, but we are burning them in our homes!  Can I stress this point enough?  Look for soy based waxes or coconut waxes that are available and when in doubt, look for the 100% promotions when it comes to wax!

3. Fragrance oils

Now we all live in the real world and when reality strikes, I don't expect you to be reading the online disclaimers of every candle you buy. But in the event you do, look for candles that promote things like 100% naturally derived essential oils, phthalate-free, or show the "fragrance" to be natural and nontoxic.  

If you have questions, reach out and let's talk about it! There's nothing worse then buying something and learning after the fact that something isn't as transparent as we would've hoped!

And of course, you can shop all these quality materials in our candles at Upside Goods Co!

Ashley Fathergill

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