Did you know there are things you can do to make sure your candles lasts longer?  Well, there are!

Here are 3 things you can do to ensure you have maximize the life of your favorite burn!

1. Trim your wick

I know I say it a lot. Like a lot, a lot! But it's true, trimming your wick is really important for two main reasons. For one, it allows the candle to burn evenly meaning it won't get too hot or shed too much soot while it burns.  Secondly, this allows your candle to burn more evenly too rather than powering through each burn quickly.  How To Make Your Candles Last | Upside Goods Co. Blog

2. Melt pools are important

A melt pool is when your candle melts all the way to the point where your wax and vessel meet.  This is particularly important on the first burn, but I would argue to say every burn after needs to meet the edge so that you avoid tunneling with your candle and your wick doesn't drown with the amount of wax build up along the edge.

3. A safe place

Make sure you leave your candle is a spot that it will work well with. Mostly to avoid fires or harm, of course, but also to prolong th life of the candle. If it's right under a heating or cooling vent, by a big window or near a draft, this will not work to the candles advantage which means less time of you loving on that perfect scent throw.  If you have your candle in a hot spot that makes the burn even hotter (it's a thing), you again are shortening the life of your candle.  Fire resistant surface, away from too much direct light or draft is always the best spot in your home!



Ashley Fathergill

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